Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today is all about fairies (chimneys)

Today we booked a car to take us all around the different sites around Cappadocia.  It was after the hot air balloon ride.  We came back to the hotel to rest a little, but the kids were still totally exhausted, but they are such incredible troopers.  

First stop was Uchisar Castle.  It was a series of fairy chimneys that were hollowed out at the top of a small mountain.  The hike was almost straight up, but worth the climb.  

MJ doing a little dance one of the rooms.  

Daddy and Lissy needed to get in on the dance too!

This is the outside of the castle

View from the top.  It was amazing to look out all of the valleys

MJ can always find a hole or a climb.

This is the view from the top of the castle

Our family high on the mountain top

This gave April a little heart attack, since it was a sheer drop to the bottom.

Amazing sky!!!

Back inside of the castle rooms

From the castle we went to one of 8 underground cities in the area.  The Christians would run and hide in the caves when attackers would come.  They booby-trapped the whole place.

Poor Carl banged his head several times.  He was not happy about that.  It was really short

Carl needed to stoop way down, but Lissy was perfect height

It was so short, even April had to bend over

Carl trying to push the huge "circle" doors to keep out the invaders

He couldn't so the girls jumped into help.  They could not either

Short passage way

Lissy and Carl getting through the passages.  Lissy thought that this way was a hoot.

April climbing up the passageway

Carl exclaiming after nailing his head again

From the underground city to fairy chimneys.  This is the family chimneys, with the momma, daddy, and kids.  The grandparents are the big ones in the backs.  

Carl Putting his arm around Grandpa

Lissy snuggling in close to daddy

April with her little girl

MJ laying on the rock

The fairy canyons

Us enjoying the time together

This is a camel chiney, in imagination canyon.  Where you can make up what the chimneys look like.

The kids loved the hiking here.

What would a trip to Turkey be without an actual turkey??

This was another location with chimneys that were hollowed out with a church inside.  Not as ornate as the museum from yesterday, but it was a lot more open and the kids loved hiking and running all over the place.

MJ posing

We had to climb in to the holes.  It was a little tough with the baby on Carl's back

Girls looking out over the fairy chimney from inside of a church.

Carl turning it up to 11

Ha-Na resting in a little alcove

Kids wanted to climb everything.  

Daddy and Lissy holding up the chimneys

The fairy chimneys are so incredible, in awe at God's creations

This was a huge hollowed out area with what looks like another rock on top.  

The kids decided to climb up to the top, and of course MJ took off up ahead.  Once they got to the top April wanted to take a picture, so she had MJ turn around and face the camera.  When she turned around, she lost her footing and started to slip,  She then slid on her butt the entire way down to the bottom.  Almost taking out Ha-Na.  Carl Bailed to get out of the way almost taking out April.  Luckily there was a good man standing next to us that help catch MJ on the slide down.  It was a scary couple of seconds.  

More from the fairy chinmeys

This is a town that was all built into the wall of this mountain.  It was a stopping point for people and caravans to trade and rest.  

The weather and the sky was really amazing

From there we went to Love Valley to see more spire like fairy chimneys.  

The whole family looking out over the valley

Big brother taking a little rest with Lissy on the bench.

So amazed with the chimneys.

Again one happy couple, such a wonderful time.