Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camping in Oman

Carl's scout troop was doing a camping trip to Oman and we decided to make it a family trip.  We had a lot of fun and we are excited to do a lot more camping in this area.  

We had to do a clean up when we arrived as the people here don't tend to pick up after themselves.  I was really saddened by the amount of trash just left out in the dessert.

There was an incredible sunset.  Carl and I sat out under the stars and I have never seen them so clearly.  Looking up at the starry night I could see why people made up stories about the stars. We saw some falling stars and the North Star has never been so beautiful and bright in my remembrance. 

 I saw the biggest coolest beetle ever and the girls and I captured it.  He may not seem big but just imagine that he is as big as this bowl bottom.  We saw snake, scorpion, fox, gazelle, beetle, and of course camel tracks.  In the morning when we woke up there were camel droppings all around our tents and tracks.  Carl says he remembered hearing something in the night, I wish we had woken up and gotten some pictures. 

In the morning he went up with the girls and climbed the mountain and they saw Camels in the distance.