Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Cake Batman!!!

Carl's birthday is today and I made a cake to bring to school. He wanted a batman cake so Carl and I came up with the design. It was a lot of fun and everyone at school was excited about it.

I did three layers, the bottom has bricks with scallop impressions. The second is a marbled darker grey and the third is a medium grey with windows. The banner is made of fondant and designed to look as if it is falling off the building as it topples. The windows are orange to imply there is a fire going on inside the building.

Here it is all put together with the bat signal on top. Behind that you can see the smoke of the building being destroyed (it is actually dry ice in a container placed in the top). Batman is climbing up the side of the building to save it (sorry Katie, we did not have a bat girl toy :))

Here is a closeup with whisps of smoke behind the signal.

We then took Carl and Ha-Na out of school and to the aquarium where Carl had asked to go. It was fun and we even saw dolphins swimming in the bay.

Carl asked to go to AW Shucks to dinner, he really loves seafood. He ordered the seafood bucket which had crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, and muscles. When it arrived the girls suddenly decided that their children meals were not sufficient and began mooching. Big Carl thought he was going to get at least one of little Carl's oysters but the girls and he ate them all and my husband went home oysterless. It was so fun to see them enjoying the seafood, I love that my kids are adventurous eaters, I don't think there are many kids 4, 6 and 9 who would fight over shellfish.