Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Supposed to be studying

I find that when I have something I really need to do I coast around on the computer finding things to read and posts that I need to do since it has been a few months. Really I am just being lazy and procrastinating. Today is what I call a free day which means that I have no scheduled lessons or activities for the kids and I don't have class. It is the perfect time to study, take tests, write papers that are due this Sunday but I am finding other things that I just need to do first. Things like laundry which I hate more than anything and really can wait, everyone has enough clean underwear to last them a few more days at least, but because I should use this time to study I find myself thinking that the laundry is really needing to get done and that I will start my schoolwork as soon as I get that done. Of course the house will get clean and the laundry will get done but I will then stay up all night doing what I should have just buckled down and done today. Then my impending migraine that started last night, was subdued but I can feel the dull ache of its slow return coming back will be in full force while I am in class tomorrow. At least if I am going to blow off school it should be for something of value like playing and reading to the kids, not laundry.

We had a fun fourth although our fireworks were quite piddly the kids did enjoy them (Madison was scared of everything because of the sparks but she wanted to be involved so she would come over to help and then run crying back to Kathy). Nothing compares to what Joe does at my parents house. Most major cities shows would be in awe of what they put in the skies there. We grilled and had our friends over for dinner and then played Rook all night. The kids asked me all week if we could make apple pie for the fourth of July, something from a commercial I am sure. They walked around singing it. I get the apples out and all the stuff, they begged to help, peeled one apple each (I have an easy peeler where you just turn the handle so it isn't any work at all) and they were done. Of course they kept running back and picking up the peels and eating them, my kids are super. Then Carl had this idea that if the kids liked eating them raw he could cook them and what better way to do that then fry them. He put together some flour spices and sugar and a flavored egg wash and began frying them. I was really dubious and thought it unnecessary since we were trying to get everything else ready for our guests. He fried them up served them with whip cream with our appetizers and it was a HUGE hit. They were so good, who would've thought fried apple peel. We are thinking of plating and application of what they would be good on although by themselves they were great. I had to admit to Carl that I was wrong in doubting him (which I think made his day, maybe even his week), I was also really proud of having such a creative husband who thinks outside the box.

We also went on a camping trip before the fourth but I will tell more about that in another post with pictures.

Now I will procrastinate more by hanging out with the kids, at least that has value.