Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh July 2007

We are planning our trip for this spring and we were talking a lot about the trip we took last summer so I decided to share some (ok, a lot) of the pictures we took while we were in Egypt. It was really an awesome trip, one we would take again and maybe will if Oman does not work out for us.

Al Areen

We had a primary activity at the Al Areen Animal Park. The kids love it there. I especially enjoy the variety of birds they have there although this trip I did not get as many pictures of them as I have so many from previous times there. Here are a few pictures of our visit this time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here are some pictures of Ha-Na's birthday.

She had cupcakes at School.

She was very excited about her gifts. She was also very specific about her cake, it was a white chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and Rasberry cream between the layers.

Madison then had to have a turn and the girls insisted Carl wear the crown, much to his obvious displeasure.

Friday, February 15, 2008

She did it.......

I should have realized a porta potty was the best idea.....

Madison is now toilet trained and we are done with diapers YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is thrilled about it also but she is not very happy reagarding now that she is doing well with it the candy incentives are going away. I can tell by the way she looks at me when I tell her that she does not get candy for going that she thinks she has been duped somehow.

Carl's Baptism

What an event to remember. Throughout the week before Carl's baptism he was barely able to contain himself he was so excited.

In the morning when I came downstairs Carl said "mom I would like pancakes, it is my birthday and since it is my birthday I should have what I want." I am going to have to remember the last part of the phrase come my birthday.

Carl and I are getting certified to be dive masters and our usual pool that we go to which is heated is closed for renovations so we had to do a class that morning in our unheated pool at our villa. We were in wetsuits but it was still shockingly cold (57 degrees). By the end of two and a half hours we were really frozen. Carl was really nervous for the baptism for the evening.

Once done with our class we started getting ready for our event. It is always hectic no matter how much preperation we have done prior to it.

Carl had chosen all the particulars for his program. We had about 50 people come to witness his baptism. At the start I felt the spirit so strongly that I could not keep tears out of my eyes. When he went into the water in only his white pants and shirt for protection he showed no reaction even though Carl said when he went in it felt breathtakingly cold.

During the time when he was getting dried off we showed Finding faith in Christ. He then came down for his conformation. I felt the love of my family arround me as he was being confirmed even though none were able to be there.

After we had put together a light dinner for everyone. Carl had requested Tres Leches cake for his birthday so I was able to learn something new.

It was a wonderful event and we had many who asked questions about the baptism and the church (there were several guests who are not memebers). One friend even requested a copy of Finding Faith in Christ. It was really, really awesome.