Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Dresses from Grandma and Grandpa

Carl's parents sent these beautiful dresses for the girls and a nice matching tie for Carl.  They were so excited about getting dressed up for church.  

She loves to dress up.

She knows she is a star!

So very beautiful!

She was so excited to get ready in her new dress.

We did this gorgeous bow side braid that we found on

Lovely, she is so tall that so many think she is over 12.

Love that smile!

She opted for a simple braid around her head and to keep her beautiful curls down.

Loves his new tie for church.

Our girls

All smiles.

They look good together.

Lissy is so fun to look at.

Siblings make the best of friends!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finishing the Pearl of Great Price is SWEET!

We have taken the kids out for dinner when we finished the Book of Mormon as a family  and again when we finished the Doctrine and Covenants.  We finished the Pearl of Great Price and thought we would change it a bit when we found a Haagen-Dazs restaurant (who knew that existed?)  in the mall by us.  We had a great time!  Now we have started the New Testament, what to do when we complete it?

This is actually at the movies.  We saw Frozen with some friends (we really liked it) and she had a little chocolate...and then a little more.

When the kids realized where we had taken them they were all smiles!

Lissy was so excited to be able to sit at the table with the big kids.

We were all smiles too.

Elisabetha is helping herself to our banana fosters crepe.

Ice cream and fondue, makes so much sense!

She just loved having a mini scoop of ice cream on a fork.

After they had a Christmas craft center in the mall that the girls went to.  It was bizarre but I do appreciate that they acknowledge the holiday which is better than we got in Bahrain.

Sugar high!

Sister love!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Leading up to Christmas

We had such a fun week that it felt almost like we were already on Christmas break.  The kids did have some school to do but as you can see they had a lot of fun heading out in our beautiful weather. 

We headed to the park with our home school group.

Lissy loves this, we just have to keep our daredevil from standing up.

 This is one of their favorite things to play on.

Lissy loved it too but it made me nauseous.

The next day we headed to Yas Water World with our friends.  It was a bit chilly (in the seventies) but we toughed it :) One of the rides was so cold that I have decided it qualified us for having done a polar bear this season.  

The boys had a great time, even if the water was cold.

Lissy after going on the lazy river.  At least it was heated.

Waiting for mommy to get off the roller coaster.

Gorgeous wind blown hair.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Color Run Dubai 2013

We had a blast doing this "run."  The whole family stayed together and it was a really fun, celebratory atmosphere.  We are hoping to make this an annual tradition!

The kids are feeling ready to rock the "run"

Look at us all clean and shiny...not for long

Our girls

Getting ready for our first color stop YELLOW

Next Color stop is RED

Even with her being covered Lissy got some on her and she was not happy!

We were sure having a great time!

Woo Hoo for Blue for sure!

I think the color throwers had more color on them than we did.

Gotta love the smiles!

5k is just too long for her, she is pooped!

We all got pretty in pink!

Except for lissy...she was out.

I think Carl is trying to get more color on his dad.

Yup, they just threw some more pink on him.

At the finish line.

We do love the color run!

Hands up, who wants to do it next year?