Monday, August 8, 2011

Landed and getting settled

Our trip here was full of tears, excitement, exhaustion, throw up, more exhaustion, relief and joy.  Leaving my parents was very sad, knowing it will be some time before we see them again (I am hoping they come for Madison's baptism in a year) it was very hard to leave them.  The kids were having such a great time there but it was time to leave.  We were also sad to leave our sweet Aussie Yoshi but we are looking forward to him joining us soon.  Then there was the long plane ride, I mean really, really long.  We arrived though and we were happy to be reunited with Carl and start the transition to our new home.  It has been quite a bit of work but we have unpacked and there are only a few boxes left (I am staying out of the study, the room where all random boxes and items have gone).  We had a great first week of spending our days at the pool and relaxing.  The kids met the other children in the compound and there seems to be someone for everyone.  Church is great, our ward reminds me of the branch in Bahrain, diverse, loving, caring and friendly, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better.  Carl is really happy with his job and we love our new place.  We have hit up IKEA quite a bit and still need to get some things.

This last week we went to go to the pool and it was green, I mean slimy green.  We were all very dissapointed and were even more so a couple of days later when the problem still wasn't fixed.  Apparently the part that is needed is coming from Saudi and seeing how it is Ramadan where everything has odd hours and goes slower here I am not sure when the pool will be up and running again so this week we have been a little more stir crazy.  I have not yet ventured out on my own, that is something I am looking forward to doing without the kids in tow.  I think they are looking forward to school starting more than I am, they are ready to meet some new friends.  The kids also talked us into getting two kittens which I was surprised that I actually kind of like as long as they stay out of my couches.  They found a tear in the lining under one of the sections of my couch and climbed up in it to nap, I am not ok with this.  Carl bought fabric and we will be fixing it tonight. 

For the first time we have actually bought curtains!  I am so excited!  Carl had picked out the ones for the bedrooms but he left the living room for me and I had so much fun picking out the fabric and style.  I will post pictures when they are finished. 

Other than that we are hanging out and enjoying being together shile trying to arrange things in the villa and really hoping the pool gets fixed soon!  The plan is to post once a week and I will include pictures and videow of all the crazy, fun adventures of the agren family....