Monday, June 7, 2010

The things kids say

Yesterday at church a lovely sister stopped me in the hall and said she just had to tell me something that happened last year.

She said "It was a day when it was raining really hard and you were taking Ha-Na out to the car with the umbrella and left the other two in the church to wait for you to take them out. After you left the little one (Madison) began screaming. Carl turned to her and asked her why she was doing that. She replied, looking at me "I am scared of old people." Carl then replied "well, so am I but you don't need to make that noise""

This sweet sister then says, with laughter in her eyes, that she hadn't realized she had reached the age where she was so old that she was scary to children.

My first reaction was mortification. I was speechless (and you know for me that is something). All I could do was thank her for sharing it with me so I could put this story in the journal.

I later told Carl this story and he was in tears laughing. I am going to have a talk with the kids to try to figure out what is so scary about old people and especially this sister who is the sweet and definitely not at all scary!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is here!!!

I am so happy that the kids are out of school. Lately I have been feeling that the kids are growing up so fast that I am missing out on really being with them. Life has become about day to day and week to week as we fly through the madness. Madison is going to school next year and it is breaking my heart. I am haunted by the fear that I haven't done all that I could have with my time at home with her. I am looking forward to having this summer with them, enjoying who they are and relishing in their uniqueness.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three months in one Post

After the kids started school I thought "wow, I will have time to do so many things with just Madison home." Yeah, not so much. We have been running and going like crazy. Doing what you ask? Hmm, just life I guess. I have been selling my baked goods which keeps me busy during the day when I am not entertaining Madison and trying to keep the house kept up.
Madison is having a great time doing Ballet although she has been asking to do gymnastics also. She loves to climb and jump off things. As soon as we live near mountains again we can definitely take her climbing and repelling with us. She loves to paint and dress up. She is so independent, if she wants something she figures out how to get it. Madison just turned five and had a super time at her first friend birthday party. I am panicking that she will be leaving me for school next year, I will miss my buddy during the day!
Ha-Na has seemed to grow up in the past three months. She is really maturing and it breaks my heart a little, I want my kids to stay as they are forever. I am enjoying her being able to have discussions with me. She really enjoys reading and she is doing great in school. She is in ballet and she is so beautiful dancing. She has an incredible teacher and she is so graceful when dancing. Until she looses concentration and then she starts to laugh hysterically and makes silly faces. She also started piano and she is learning super fast. She gets very tired and gets lots of headaches so she gets home from school and sleeps for a couple of hours some days but I think some kids just need more rest than others.
Carl is great, he is learning everyday and is a constant source of random facts. He is playing piano and has improved so much, he can outplay me now (which isn't hard for anyone). He and Ha-Na have a great teacher and had a Holiday recital. They did awesome and all the kids there were soo talented. He is also in chorus at school which he really loves. He loves to belt out and sing, at church I can hear him above everyone.
We have continued to have a steady stream of guests. It is so much fun to have company. Carl's sister Stacy and her family came for Thanksgiving, it is becoming a tradition and we love for them to come. Carl's little brother CJ came for Christmas break and while he was here my brother came with his kids. We had such a great time!
The new year has started and I am already starting new projects. I still have rooms which need to be painted in the house so I started taping off yesterday and I think I will jump in and start with a bathroom today and move on from there. I hate unfinished things.