Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas, Christmas (ok, all of December) is here

We had a great, busy Christmas season.  We decorated right after Thanksgiving and enjoyed our decorated home all month.

We had a wonderful Christmas party at church.  I catered the event with the help of a friend.  Santa came but Lissy was not about to sit on his lap.  Everyone entertained by singing karaoke.

We spent Christmas eve at our great friends home and then we had them over for Christmas dinner.  It is always a highlight to get together with the Ryvers.  

Getting out the Decorations

Keeping her away from the breakables

Finished with the star

Stockings are hung

Girls are ready to be my Christmas elves

UAE snowball fight (snowball candles)

Loving daddy

Nativities are displayed out of Lissy's reach

Advent calender village

Too old for Santa?

She will take a candy cane from Santa but will not sit on his lap

Happy Christmas Karaoke singers

Loving daddy

Agren singers

Checking out the house decor

Repairs are started

Placing the decor, so careful

Delicious framing

Mine, my precious!

Starting to take shape

The boy is done first

Ha-Na's candy crib

Close ups

The snowman's head ended up on the roof.  She is a hoot.

Displaying the gingerbread village

Can they wait til Christmas to eat them?

The snowmen may eat them first

Christmas eve, loving the reindeer 

Ready for Santa to come

The girls are too excited for morning to come!

MJ and her pets

Ha-Na was ready for bed!

Doctor Oc showed up to take down the reindeer

Handsome son

Here they come!!!  Ready to see the tree and presents!

The ukulele is for Ha-Na and MJ but Lissy is sure it should be for her.

Lissy finally got a nerf gun of her own.  We better watch out, she is armed!

Mom gets presents too!

This isn't even for her but she saw it then touched it so she owns it now!

Dressed in her Dora princess dress she is ready to open more presents.

No more walking home when his bike gets a flat tire!!

After the presents are open it is time to play with them.  Veged out on the couch playing on the Playstation.

Lissy has spotted the gingerbread houses are within her reach

She thinks she is being sneaky, little does she know we put them there to be eaten.

Christmas dinner with the Ryvers

Eyeing the food!

Christmas Ham

Love these guys!  The Ryvers rock!

Loves her Christmas dinner


Boys are eating their hearts out

Merry Christmas!

Dessert, White chocolate marscapone cheesecake with blueberry compote.