Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015

2015 is coming, is here!

We had so much fun that we were too busy to take many pictures.
We had a ton of snacks including Asian chicken wings, buffalo wings, onion dip, nachos, steak quesadillas, jalapeno cheddar cheese dip (Jeremy's favorite), caramel popcorn and much much more.  

The kids were so excited to see each other (it had been several hours since their last gathering) they started playing games immediately.  

Bev had put together balloons with activities inside that they would pop through the evening and do the fun things inside.

The kids were anxious to start on the surprise activities.  

The first one was getting a nilla wafer from their forehead into their mouth.  Sam was the first one to complete it.  It was so funny as the nilla went over eyes and Ha-Na shrieked "crumbs in my eye!"  It didn't stop her though.

Getting the cookie from the top cheek to the mouth was the hardest transition.

Other activities included nerf wars, video game time, movie hour, racing who can unroll a toilet paper roll first, helicopter landing competition and King Julien countdown to the new year.

Sam cannot break the bond these girls have!

Rockin the new year!  These are some tired kids and it is only 10.  It was discovered as the night went on the kids were more energized.  Lil Carl called out "this is a New Years Eve I will never forget." 

The next day we wanted to continue the fun so we went to the Ryvers.  More nerf wars, jumping on the trampoline, playground fun, pizza, more frito cheese dip, and to end the night chocolate fondue!   It is amazing what we can find to dip in chocolate.  One of my favorites was the peanut butter pretzel things..delicious.

Bev won the close game of munchkins and then we rolled some pigs for points.

Wonderful way to roll in the New Year! 

MJ turns double digits (10)

The big 10

Carl woke up early, well 7:30, to make her Crepes with blueberry sauce for her breakfast in bed.  I think that is a really great start to any morning.  

Soon after breakfast I took MJ and Ha-Na to the spa.  MJ got her hair cut and styled and then the three of us received mani-pedis.

When we came home it was time for MJ to find her presents.  Years ago the kids asked if we could hide their birthday gifts and since then we have forgone wrapping them to hiding them.  It makes a great game for the day.

I think, by her reaction, that Just Dance was her favorite gift.  She was also excited about all the cloth we bought her and has been planning sewing projects.

We all went to the movies although MJ and Lissy opted for Paddington Bear while the rest of us went to the Hobbit.  Carl had a big group of friends who joined him.  I cried at the end.

We had the Ryvers over for her birthday dinner.  She requested medium rare steak and was not disappointed.  The kids all had a great time playing Just Dance and Little big planet 3 (a gift from grandma and grandma).

She wanted peppermint shortbread for her cake.  It was nice to have something so simple.  I think the kids may be over the whole themed cakes thing..I still have Lissy to make them for.