Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catch up

Since the kids birthdays we have been really busy. Not only are both the girls on different soccer teams but Carl was also doing basketball. It made for a really hectic schedule especially on Saturdays when they all three had games.

At the end of February we went to Vegas for our friends wedding. We went a couple of days early and Carl's parents met us. We were all so excited to go on this trip and just as we are getting ready to go lil Carl starts complaining he doesn't feel well. It took us a whole day to get there and he just got worse and worse. He is such a good sport though, went everywhere during the week and the first few days he was really feeling miserable but he was really great about it. The kids highlight was when Grandma and Grandpa Agren got there and we always have so much fun with them. They are super! Carl had not been feeling great since he got back from Bahrain, he was really exhausted all the time and it was getting worse. At first we thought that it was what lil Carl had but it was much worse and different. He said his throat hurt worse than it had ever before. Mom and Dad took the kids for us for the day so we could get ready for and go to Don and Ohms wedding. It was a lovely ceremony and the reception was a lot of fun. We danced and the dinner was great. I felt so bad for Carl though, he was miserable but really trying to hang in there with the dancing. He was happy to have somewhere to wear his tux he had made in Bahrain. In true Carl fashion he bought black converse to wear with his tux (I think he had the most happy feet of anyone).

When we got home Carl left immediately for a business trip and when he got back he was feeling worse than ever. He spent the weekend in bed. He had another trip and again came back feeling awful. He started to feel a little better just as I started feeling bad. I had begun to suspect mono and I knew there was really nothing that would work but rest. Then Ha-Na started complaining about being really tired. She got worse, I took her to the doctor and yup it's Mono. Carl was scheduled for a trip to Bahrain for a couple of weeks so he has gone and is feeling better. I have Ha-Na home with me and I am praying the other kids don't get it. We spend our days hanging around the house and ordering take out for dinner. She has to drop out of soccer for the rest of the season, she seemed fine with it although I think it is because she had such a miserable time at her last game and practice since she felt so miserable from being tired and sick before we caught on. We will try again next season if she wants.

That is pretty much it for now. I will huddle up on the couch at home and entertain the kids best I can til I get better or Carl comes home.