Thursday, September 3, 2009


We had a really busy summer which ended with having a steady stream of company. My brother Andy and his kids came fora weekend and we had a great time playing games and going to the beach. I love it when we get together!
Then, Carls brothers Austin and CJ came, we had such a good time that they extended their stay and ended up being here for over two weeks. They were so helpful while I was finishing up school and the kids had a blast with them. We also went diving with them. It definitely was not the best diving in fact some of the worst (we went out of Myrtle Beach) but we enjoyed being together. I told the boys that if they can dive in those conditions they can dive anywhere. I hope we can do a dive trip with them some time with pristine conditions. We were sad to see them go, we look forward to their coming back.
The boys left in the morning and my parents came that night. It really helped to keep the kids from being too distraught about the boys leaving. They have a really hard time when people leave. We had a lot of fun! Mom and Dad took the kids for us so we could go away for the weekend. We had thought about going to a resort of the beach but the both Carl and I decided we would rather take the opportunity to go to the temple. We went to Columbia and had much needed time together and at the temple. I had fun going to the beach with mom and dad and playing games with them and the kids. We took them crabbing and that was a blast. We played cards and had to even fish a card out of the water with a net.
School started, my parents left and now life is back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets.