Saturday, July 23, 2016

Easter fun in April

The Magic of Easter

Our tradition for Easter is to hide the kids baskets the evening before and then have a great search the day of.  We also give a gift along with some candy.  This year we gave each of the kids a Harry Potter wand.

Carl and I have a rivalry of who can hide the others basket better.  This year I was victorious!

Lissy is still working on ability to find her basket.  It ha been behind the curtain 2 years running.  Hopefully she will catch on and we can start to make it a little more difficult.

Carl is ready to battle with spells.

We also do a candy hunt and this year because of the heat we did it inside.  Lissy gets a head start so she can get a little before the hordes clean it up in seconds.

The kids have joined in the hunt.  They take this very seriously.

Not Easter related but we had fun visiting Dubai later in the month.

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