Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6 months later, actually over a year now!

So, I brought up this blog to start adding to my food blog and realized I had not posted for many, many months!

(yikes, I wrote this over 6 months ago and then never finished)
My last post was in April, a time that was crazy busy with birthdays, finals and the end of decent outside weather.  

I had planned on catching up on this blog and my food blog during the summer.  I guess my plans of having unlimited amounts of free time once the kids finished the school year was naive.  

So, I will give a quick synopsis to catch up and reaffirm my plan to post monthly.  

April:  Birthday Month!!!  Ok, so other things happened in April also but I was papered all month long by my family.  I was surprised throughout the month with gifts such as the everlasting rose, scented candles, and treats.  Carl threw me a surprise birthday party for my 40th.  So some other fun things happened this month but since it has my name it must be all about me!

May:  Carl had his birthday and we began to prepare for the kids finals and plan our summer plans.  

Ok, so the rest of the missing time I will actually go back and post about individually.  I am recommitting to regular posting.  So man changes and challenges have and are currently happening.  We love our adventure overseas but it is just our life and our adventure really comes from our family, how blessed we are to have a crazy wonderful group to call our own.

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